NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English Should Wizard hit Mommy

NCERT Solutions:- The Vistas book of Class 12th Students has been developed for English Course. We are going to Provide you all important Questions and Answers with pdf of Chapter 5 Should Wizard hit Mommy Written by John Updike.

Book:Vistas English
Chapter:Should Wizard hit Mommy
Writter:John Updike
Should Wizard hit Mommy Question answers ncert solutions

Should Wizard hit Mommy Question and Answer

What was the problem with Roger Skunk ? 

Answer : Roger Skunk smelled very bad . Whenever he would go out to play all other animals would run away from him . Roger Skunk would stand there all alone . Two little tears would fall from his eyes .

Why didn’t Roger Skunk’s mommy like her son smelling like roses ?

Answer : She did not want that her son should lose his identity . If Roger Skunk smelled . like roses , nobody would take him to be a Skunk .

Who is Jo ? How does she respond to her father’s story – telling ?

Answer : Jo is Jack’s daughter . She would not sleep while listening to the stories told by her father . She would listen carefully and ask many questions to make the story clear to her .

What possible plot line could the story continue with?

Answer : The possible plot line with which the story could continue is that the wizard should have hit on the head of Mommy Skunk and have not changed that little skunk back.

What do you think was Jo’s problem ?

Answer : Jo was a little girl of four . She was very sensitive . She was obstinate . She thought that she was always right . She pondered over stories as if they were true . She wanted the situations to be as per her thinking . Being a small child , she could think nothing but a happy ending to the story . She was unknown to the reality of life but she thought she knew a lot .

Why does Jack insist that it was the wizard that was hit and not the mother ?

Answer : Jack himself is a father . He thinks that parents always do what is best in their children’s interest . He defends the mother who hit the wizard and made her son smell originally again . He insists that not mother but the wizard was hit because he thinks the wizard to be wrong in ending Roger Skunk’s originality . The wizard lacks worldly wisdom . He changes Roger Skunk’s body smell . So Jack is against him .

Should Wizard hit Mommy (Long Answers Type Questions)

What impression do you form of Jack as a father ?

Answer : Jack was a father to a four – year – old girl named Jo . He was an affectionate father who made sincere efforts to satisfy his daughter’s creative intellect . It was a sort of tradition or a habit for him to narrate a story to her each night before she went off to sleep . This he had been doing as a ritual for the past two years .

He had a creative mind and was a good story teller . Jack had mastered the art of story – telling and could create new stories to suit the mood and occasion . He could create the desired effect to keep his daughter , Jo’s interest intact . He is caring husband but on the contrary he doesn’t like being interrupted or questioned by females around him . When the story fails to A convince his daughter , he uses coercive methods to stick to his point of view . He is not able to accept and understand a child’s psychology .

What is the moral issue that the story raises ?

Answer : The story raises the moral issue of understanding between parents and children . The parents should properly understand the children’s feelings as well as their whims . Then children should also know that their parents are more experienced than them and they would do anything only in their interest . This understanding and respect generally seems missing in parents as well as children .

How does Jo want the story to end and why ?

Answer . Jo wants the story to end in a different way than what her father tells . She wants that the wizard should hit Roger Skunk’s mommy in the end . She wants this for she takes that mommy to be stupid who made her son smell bad again . She wants that mother Skunk should be punished for her wrong decision . She considers Roger Skunk to be the hero of the story . She wants him to smell like roses , and therefore , hates his mommy . She takes her to be a villain who does not let her son smell sweet . She wants the story to end in a happy way with the villain being punished .

What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position ?

Answare. Introduction : Jack feels caught in an ugly middle position as a father and as a husband . He has to perform both the duties .

As a father : His daughter Jo is not satisfied with the end of the story he has finished . She wants that the story be ended in another way . She wants him to tell her the story that wizard took his magic wand and hit that mommy . He says to her , ” Tomorrow you say the wizard hit that mommy . ” But she insists that he should say it now . As a husband His pregnant wife Clare was painting the wood work and other articles downstairs . He wanted to help her in the work of painting . Jack closed the door and went downstairs .

Clare asked if the story was a long one . Meanwhile Jo was coming downstairs . Then he called , ” Joanne ! Shall I come up there and slap you ? ” In that situation Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position . He could neither satisfy his daughter nor did he help his poor wife . Conclusion : He also felt entrapped in the cage alongwith his wife . He did not want to speak with her , work with her , touch her , anything .

Why is an adult’s perspective on life different from that of a child’s ?

Answer : An adult and a child look at life in different colours . Adults have to face the harsh realities of life to keep things going . They know life does not always end with a happy note . To them each life has its own ebb and tide . To them beauty as well as ugliness , both are the part of life . But a child living in the comfort provided by his parents accepts only beauty to be true . His parents try to keep him away from all the bitterness of life . So he knows nothing about the real world . The story represents two different perspectives , the perspective of a little child , and the perspective of an adult man .

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