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Book:Vistas English
Chapter:The Tiger King
The riger King Vistas English question answer

The Tiger King Question and Answer

What prediction was made at the Tiger King’s birth ? Or What does the chief astrologer predict to be the casue of the Maharaja’s death ?

Answer : At the Tiger’s birth , royal astrologers predicted that he would grow up as a great warrior , hero and champion . They also predicted his death by tiger.

Narrate the ultimate end of the Tiger King . Or How did the chief astrologer’s prediction prove true ?

Answer : The King and his son were playing with the wooden tiger . A sliver pierced the King’s hand . He removed it but the infection flared and within four days the King died . It was indeed the hundredth ‘ tiger that kill the King .

Why was tiger hunting banned in Pratibandhapuram ?

Answer : The Maharaja was told by the astrologers that a tiger would cause his death so he decided to hunt all tigers . For this reason , tiger hunting was banned to all except him . The Maharaja himself wanted to hunt all the tigers .

How did the Maharaja manage to retain his kingdom ?

Answare : The Maharaja sent all the 50 rings to the British officer’s good lady . He expected her to choose one or two rings , but the lady accepted the lot . The Maharaja lost three lakh of rupees but managed to retain his kingdom .

What did the royal infant grow up to be ?

Answer : When he was twenty years old , he became the king of the state of Pratibandapuram . He famed himself as a brave and courageous king .

What will the Maharaja do to find the required number of tigers to kill ?

Answer : The Maharaja killed seventy tigers within ten years . Then he married a girl from the state . which had a large number of tigers . The Maharaja killed five or six tigers each time , he visited his father – in – law . Thus he was able to kill ninety nine tigers.

How will the Maharaja prepare himself for the hundredth tiger which was supposed to decide his fate ?

Answer : The Maharaja had killed ninety – nine , tigers . But he should be beware of the hundredth tiger . The tiger was a savage beast after all . One had to be wary of it . But where was that hundredth tiger to be found . The villagers from a hillside village informed that a tiger was at work in the village . The Maharaja set out for hunting at once . But the tiger was not easily found . He went on camping in the forest .

What will now happen to the astrologer ? Do you think the prophecy was indisputably disproved ?

Answer : Nothing will now happen to the astrologer because the Maharaja missed his aim as he was elated with He failed actually to kill the hundredth tiger . He was killed later on by one of the hunters . We think the prophecy was not insputably disproved .tiger . F Insputably disproved .

The Tiger King (Long Answers Type Questions)

How did the prediction of the astrologer abou the king of Pratibandpuram come true ? Or own words . Draw a character sketch of the Tiger in your words.

Answer : Crown prince Jung – Jung Bahadur was brought up by an English governess . He was tutored in English by an Englishman . When he grew to twenty he took the reign in his hands . Within a span of ten years he killed 70 tigers . It was his master strategy to marry a girl of a state which kill 99 tigers in all . had a large tiger population . So he was able to The chief astrologer predicted that his death would come from a tiger . It is ironical that the king met his death by a wooden tiger . At last , the hundredth tiger took revenge upon him . One of the slivers pierced the Maharaja’s right hand . Infection spread all over the arm .

Give a brief account of how the hundredth was found and hunted down .

Answer : The Maharaja spent many days in the forest . He was very angry when he couldn’t get the hundredth tiger for his hunting . In his anger , he asked the dewan to resign . In order to save his job , the dewan did all he could to find a tiger . At last , he got an old tiger from the People’s Park in Madras . At night , he loaded it in his car and left it near the place where the Maharaja was hunting . In the morning , the old tiger wandered into the Maharaja’s presence . He stood there very humbly . In great joy , the Maharaja took a careful aim and fired . The tiger fell in a heap . He gave orders to bring the tiger to the capital in a grand procession . After the Maharaja had left in his car , the hunters found that the tiger was still alive . The Maharaja’s bullet had missed its aim . No one wanted the Maharaja to come to know because it could make him very angry . So one of the hunters took aim and shot the tiger dead . As ordered by the king , it was taken in a procession over it . through the town and buried . A tomb was raised over it.

The story is a satire on the conceit of those in power . How does the author employ the literary device of dramatic irony in the story ?

Answer. Introduction : Dramatic irony is a situation agrin in a play when a character’s words carry an extra meaning to the audience because they know more than the character , specially about what y going to happen . The author employs it on the two characters who are in power.

The Maharaja of Pratibandapuram : He is the two characters who are in power . Hero of the story . He is known as the Tiger King The astrologers predicated at his birth that he would be killed by a tiger . The Maharaja killed 99 tigers in the forests of his own state and those of his father – in – law . Now the problem was how the hundredth tiger is to be found and killed . The Maharaja was informed that a tiger came to village which was situated on a hillside . But that tiger could not be found out . The fury and rage of the Maharaja was at the height . Then the Diwan managed to bring an old tiger from the People’s Park in Madras . It was with boundless joy that the Maharaja took careful aim at the beast . The tiger fell in a crumpled heap . The Maharaja was elated with joy that he had killed hundred tigers , But the old tiger was not killed . It was killed afterwards by the hunters . Eng Ans . Introduction Ans The Maharaja bought a wooden tiger as the gift for his son’s third birthday . A sliver from the wood tiger cause the death of the Maharaja .

The British officer : He was a high – ranking British officer . He was equally vain . He was interested in photograph with carcass of the tiger than hunting it . The Maharaja refused him to hunt the tiger in his state . Conclusion : The Maharaja offered fifty diamond rings to the wife of the officer to save his state kingdom . from being lost . Thus he managed to retain his

What is the author’s indirect comment on human beings ? subjecting innocent animals to the willfulness of human beings?

Answer .

Introduction : Ever since man came on this earth , he has been subjecting innocent animals , either for food or self – protection or sport – or , in more recent times , for business . comment : When the Author’s indirect Maharaja was born , the astrologers predicated that he will be killed by the tiger . When the Maharaja sat on the throne , everyone in the kingdom remembered the astrologer’s prediction . The Maharaja narrated the old saying , ‘ you may kill even a cow in self – defence ‘ . There could certainly be no objection to killing tigers in self – defence . The Maharaja started out on a tiger hunt . When the Maharaja killed his first tiger , he sent for the state astrologer . Showing him the dead beast , he demanded , ” What do you say now ? ” The astrologer said that his majesty might kill ninety – nine tigers in exactly the same manner , but he must be careful with the hundredth tiger . The Maharaja killed ninety – nine innocent tiger to his willfulness while he knew that who is born , must die one day .

Conclusion : Human beings are more fierce , violent and brainless than the wild beast . Thus we see in the story ” The Tiger King ‘ the author’s indirect comment on subjecting innocent animals to the willfulness of human beings .

How would you describe the behaviour of the Maharaja’s minions towards him ? Do you find them truly sincere towards him or are they driven by fear when they obey him ? Do we find a similarity in today’s political order ?

Introduction : A minion is an unimportant person in an organisation who has to obey orders . They may be servants . The behaviour of the Maharaja’s minions towards him is servile . They are flatterers . Sincerity or fear : The servants act according to the mood of their master . They do not want to displease the master or else they will lose their job . Maharaja’s fury and rage resulted in the loss of the minions ‘ job or life . The servants of the Maharaja were not truly sincere towards him . They were driven by fear when they obeyed him . a

For example , the king’s bullet misses the hundredth tiger . It faints from the shock and falls as a crumpled heap . The hunters found the old tiger alive . They dreaded that the Maharaja must not come to know that he has missed his target . If he did , they could lose their jobs . Even the divan is no exception . He manages to bring an old tiger from the People’s Park in Madras to satisfy the Maharaja’s whims . Conclusion : We find the same thing in today’s political order

We need a new system for the age of ecology – a system which is embedded in the care of all people and also in the care of the earth and all life upon it . Discuss .

Introduction : Ecology is the relation of plants . and living creatures to each other and to their environment . A new system for the age of ecology is needed . A new system : The earth itself is a living organism an enormous being of which we are parts . This system should be based on the concept of sustainable development which meets the needs of the present , without compromising the ability of future of generations to meet their needs . The Brandt Commission which deal with the problem of ecology and environment raised the question ” Are we to leave our successors a deserts , of advancing scorched planet and ailing landscapes impoverished environment ” . In poor countries local forests are being decimated in order to procure fire wood for cooking . The tropical forest is ‘ the powerhouse of evolution ” . Several species of life face extinction as a result of its destruction . The World Bank estimates that a five – fold increase in the rate of forest planting is needed to cope with the expected fuelwood demand .

Conclusion : Article 48 A of the Constitution of India provides that ” the State shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and to safe – guard the forests and wildlife of the country . ” But the fact is that laws are never respected by bad elements and it becomes difficult to enforced them properly.

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