NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English The Third Level

NCERT Solutions:- The Vistas book of Class 12th Students has been developed for English Course. We are going to Provide you all important Questions and Answers with pdf of Chapter 1 The Third Level Written by Jack Finney.

Book:Vistas English
Chapter:The Third Level
Writter:Jack Finney
The this level question answer NCERT solutions

The Third Level Question and Answer

Why do the people in the modern world want to escape?

Answer: The modern world is full of war , fear and insecurity , so the people find it difficult to live among these hostile conditions . So the people of the modern world want to escape.

What is a first – day cover ?

Answer : When a new stamp is issued , stamp collectors buy some . They use them to mail envelopes to themselves on the first day of the sale. The stamp of the post office proves the date. That envelope is called a first-day cover .

How did Charley get lost in the Grand Central station on two previous occasions?

Answer: Grand Central Station was like a maze . Charley always lost his way . Once he got into a tunnel office building . about a mile long and came out in the lobby of a hotel . On another occasion , he came up in an office building.

What is Sam’s old business ? Why can’t he go back to it ?

Answer : Sam’s old business is that of a psychiatrist . But now he is in Galesburg of 1894. It is a period when people are free from all worries . There is go back to his old business . no need of any psychiatrist . Thus Sam cannot go back to his old business.

Why did the writer go to the coin dealer ?

Answer : The writer wanted to go to Galesburg with his wife . But for that he needed old – style currency to pay for the tickets on the third level . So he went to the coin dealer . There he exchanged his three hundred dollars with old – style currency . He got less than two hundred in exchange .

What does the third level refer to ?

Answer : The third level is a product of Charley’s imagination . He finds it a place where he can escape from the modern world of insecurity and fear.

Would Charley ever go back to the ticket – counter on the third level to buy tickets to Galesburg for himself and his wife ?

Answer : No , Charley never again found the corridor that led to the third level at Grand Central Station , although he had tried to reach there many a time.

What do you infer from Sam’s letter to Charley ?

Answare : I infer from Sam’s letter to Charley that it was another imagination of Charley to prove that he was right about the third level . Sam and Charley lived in the present . The letter can’t be far back dated as July 18 , 1894 .

Do you see an intersection of time and space in the story?

Answer : Yes , we see an intersection of time and space in the story . Living in the present time , Charley wanders into the year 1894. Sam is Charley’s friend . Both are contemporary . But Sam’s letter to Charley dates back to July 18 , 1894. Sam also finds his way to third level .

The Third Level (Long Answers Type Questions)

How is the Grand Central Station a symbol of escape?

Answer : The ‘ Third Level ‘ of the Grand Central Station is wholly a mental picture of Charley . Charley’s psychiatrist friend called the Third Level ‘ a waking – dream ‘ wish fulfilment . The Grand Central Station is like a maze which makes it a symbol of escape . The narrator’s think that the Ans Grand Central Station is growing like a tree is a kind of escape . The narrator in the Grand Central Station always bumps into new door ways and corridors . These are the creation of imagination . Charley wanders into a more romantic world of 1894. ‘ The Third Level ‘ of the Grand Central Station symbolises an escape from the unpleasant and insecure present forgetting the normal life . Grand Central is a remains unhappy . fantastic world of romance . Charley generally remains unhappy.

Philately helps keep the past alive . Discuss other ways in which this is done . What do you think of the human tendency to constantly move between the past , the present and the future ?

Answer : Philately is the collection and study of postage stamps . Stamp is an important piece of history . Countries issue new stamps to commemorate important events , persons or developments . alive . Thus a study of stamps helps keep the past alive.

Other ways : Museums are the great source which help keep the past alive . There are collections of old coins , ornaments , weapons , dresses , potteries , paintings etc. They remind us of different ages of the past . Historical remind us of the past . monuments – temples , mosques and tombs remind us of the past.

P.B. Shelley says : ” We look before and after , and pine for what is not ” . When we are not satisfied with the present , we look at past or look hopefully towards the future . On the wings of fancy we travel into the past or fly upward into the future but we have to come down to the present since we have to live in the present . This accounts for the human tendency to constantly move between the past , the present and the future .

Do you think that the third level was a medium of escape for Charley ? Why?

Answer :
Introduction : Charley was an ordinary man . He was thirty – one years old . His native place was Galesburg in Illinois . He spent his childhood there . Now he is working in an office in New York . He is not happy with the city life .

Escape: Charley wants to escape from his modern life in New York to Galesburg . The Grand Central Station of New York has two levels . One night in the summer Charley worked late at the office . He was in a hurry to get uptown to his apartment . He decided to take the subway from Grand Central because it was faster than the bus . He got lost in the subway . After wandering up and down he reached the third level at Grand Central Station . He saw there everything in contrast of the present time . He saw a newspaper dated June 11 , 1894. He wanted two tickets to Galesburg , Illinois . But he did not have the currency of the year 1894 and failed to purchase the ticket .

Conclusion : When Charley came home , he talked to a psychiatrist friend among others . He said it was a waking – dream wish fulfilment . He told Charley that he just wanted to escape his modern world . Thus the third level was a medium of escape for Charley .

The modern world is full of insecurity , fear , war , worry and stress . What are the ways in which we attempt to overcome them ?

Answer : People adopt different ways to escape the painful realities of the modern world . They can do so by forgetting all that is around them and by losing themselves in their own imagination . They can sit down and do some creative writing or , there are very simple ways like going for a picnic or some movie . They can divert their mind to some hobby like gardening , painting etc. There are some who resort to drink and drugs to forget their worries . But this is an undesirable way of escape.

Apparent illogicality sometimes turns out to be a futuristic projection ? Discuss .

Answer : At one time , almost all the inventions or discoverers discoveries of previously seemed illogical . The reason was that people or authorities of their time believed that what they said was illogical . But when the inventions and turned out to be true , people and authorities started believing in them as their futuristic projection . In March 1878 Edison began to work on an electric lamp . He promised people to give electric light in two years . At this all the scientists laughed at him . They said that it was impossible . At last he succeeded in making an electric bulb . On New Year’s Day , 1880 Edison and his workers put up electric lights at his laboratory . People from all over America came to see that grand sight . Science fiction writers often make predictions which seem illogical but sometimes they turn out to be true . We read about Charley’s wandering on the third level of the Grand Central Station , New York in 1894. It seems illogical today . But tomorrow some scientist might invent a time machine which would make it possible to move there freely in the past.

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