NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Flamingo English The Rattrap

NCERT Solutions:- The Flamingo book of Class 12th Students has been developed for English Course. We are going to Provide you all important Questions and Answers with pdf of Chapter 4 The Rattrap Written by Selma Lagerlof .

Book:Flamingo English
Chapter:The Rattrap
Writter:Selma Lagerlof
Chapter 4 flamingo English the Rattrap Question answers solution ncert

The Rattrap Question and Answer

Why didn’t the stranger tell the ironmaster that he was not Nils Olof ?

Answer: When the ironmaster thought the stranger to be Nils Olof, the stranger did not tell the truth that he was not with the hope of setting couple of kronor more. His greed made him keep the truth.

What were the contents of the package left by the peddler as a Christmas gift for Edla Willmansson?

Answer: The package left by the peddler as a Christmas gift for Edla Willmansson contained a rattrap, thirty kronor in crumpled notes (robbed from the crofter) and a letter for her explaining his conduct and his gratitutde to Miss Willmansson for treating him like a captain.

From where did the peddler get the idea of the world being a rattrap?

Answer: During one of his wanderings, he was thinking of his rattraps. Suddenly, he was struck by the idea that the whole world about him was nothing but a big rattrap.

Why was the crofter so talkative and friendly with the peddler?

Answer: The crofter had no wife. He was all alone. He had no children. He was happy to have. someone to talk to in his loneliness. Why did the crofter show the thirty kronor

Why did the crofter show the thirty knonor to the peddler?

Answer: He showed thirty kroner to the peddler to make him believe that he had earned thirty kroner only last month. He told the peddler that his bossy (cow) was extraordinary. She gave milk for the creamery every day. Last month he had got thirty kroner in payment. The crofter felt that the peddler was not believing what he was saying.

What made the peddler think that he had indeed fallen into a rattrap?

Answer: The peddler stole the crofter’s 30 kroner. For safety, he entered a wood. He walked and walked without coming to its end. This made him think that he had indeed fallen into a Rattrap.

Why did the ironmaster speak kindly to the peddler and invite him home?

Answer: The iron master could not see him properly in the poor light. He mistook him for an old acquaintance of him. So he spoke kindly to the peddler and invited him at home.

Why did the peddler decline the invitation?

Answer: There were two reasons. First, he did not like the idea of going to the manor house as an old regiment comrade. Secondly, he had the stolen money so he did not like to throw himself voluntarily into the lion’s den.

What made the peddler accept Edla
Willmansson’s invitation?

Answer: Edla had sympathetic look, friendly manners and an assurance to go away unharmingly as and when he would want. peddler accept Edla’s invitation.

What doubts did Edla have about the peddler?

Answer: She noticed that the peddler was afraid. It meant that he had either stolen some thing or he had escaped from jail. She also thought that he was not an educated man and so, he could not be her father’s old comrade.

Why did Edla still entertain the peddler even after she knew the truth about him?

Answer: She wanted to feed a poor, hungry man on Christmas and make him feel home like. She wanted to have him enjoy a day of peace with

Why was Edla happy to see the gift left
by the peddler?

Answer: Her father was sure that the peddler was a cheat. But she did not want to chase him away. He had been invited. She felt sorry for him. They found that the peddler had left a gift for them. Edla opened the package. When she saw the contents, she became very happy.

Why did the peddler sign himself as Captain von Stahle?

Answer: He acted like a real captain and he not only returned the thirty kroner of the old crofter but also presented the young kind lady with a Christmas gift as a real captain would have done. He was honoured as captain.

The Rattrap (Long Answers Type Questions)

Who was Edla? How did she change the peddler’s behaviour?

Answer: Edla was the eldest daughter of the owner of Ramsjo iron works. She is very kind and generous. She succeeded to persuade the peddler to stay with them. She had a deep insight into human psychology. She persuaded the peddler to come to the manor house. She interceded for the peddler when her father threatened to call the sheriff. She insisted for keeping the guest. Love and understanding left marks on the peddler. He raised himself to a gentleman. He left 30 kronors to their rightful owner. He even left a letter and Christmas gift
for Edla.

Attempt a character-sketch of the peddler in the story.

Answer: The writer draws the character of the peddler with sympathy. He was a tall man. He had his own imagination. He wore rags and hunger gleamed in his eyes. He sold self-made small rattraps of wire. He had some human weaknesses like stealing and begging to fulfil his basic need. He spent his nights wherever he desired. He had no place to live. He is a vagabond cum beggar cum a petty thief.
He feels that the world is like a rat trap, nothing else. According to him all the riches, joys, food, clothing and shelter are just baits. Anyone who touches the bait, the rattrap closes on him. Then everything comes to an end. Finally, he transforms himself into a gentleman..

The reader’s sympathy is with the peddler right from the beginning of the story. Why is this so? Is the sympathy justified?

Answer: The peddler wins our sympathy for his way of life and how the world treats him. It is an admitted fact that the underdog always runs away with sympathy, so does the peddler with the rattraps. He begs the material like wire for his rattraps. His business not being specially profitable, he resorts to begging and petty thievery to keep body and soul together. His life is sad and monotonous. He plods along the road lost in his own meditation. The worldmore than 60 words each :

has never been very kind to him and he feels happy in calling it a rattrap. Whenever, he asks shelter for the night, he meets sour faces. He is an unwelcome, unwanted and undesirable figure. The blacksmiths at forge glance at him only casually and indifferently. The master blacksmith nods a haughty consent without honouring him with a single word.

The old and lonely crofter finds him an enjoyable company. The ironmaster mistakes. him for an old regimental Only Edla Willmansson behaves with him in a kind, friendly manner. Her nice treatment arouses the tramp’s goodness. He redeems himself by returning the stolen money and wins our admiration. Thus, we see that the sympathy is not only well earned but well justified too.

What made the peddler finally change his ways?

Answer: In the end the peddler seems to be quite a transformed character. From a seller of small rattraps and a petty thief, he raises himself to the height of a gentleman. The basic human goodness uplifts him. This essential goodness in him is awakened through understanding and love of Miss Edla Willmansson. The peddler finally changes his ways and behaves like a perfect gentleman in the end.

When the truth about him is exposed, the ironmaster can’t tolerate his presence any more. But Edla feels sorry for the unfortunate man. She wants to have him enjoy a day of peace with them. She thinks it unethical to chase away a guest. They had invited and promised him ‘Christmas cheer’.

It is ironical that the peddler mends his ways when he is thought to be a thief. But that doesn’t happen. Edla’s human behaviour and kindness have changed him. He leaves thirty kronors to be returned to its rightful owner. He also leaves a Christmas gift for Edla.

How does the metaphor of the rattrap serve to highlight the human predicament?

Answer: In the short story ‘The Rattrap’ the author Selma Lagerlöf uses the metaphor of the rattrap very effectively. It is used to highlight human predicament. He is struck by an idea. The whole World is nothing but a big rattrap. It sets baits
for people. The riches and joys, shelter and food, are just baits. The moment one is tempted to touch the bait, the rattrap closes in on him. Then everything comes to an end. The peddler is lost in a big and confusing forest. Now his own turn has come. He has let himself befooled by a bait. Those thirty kronors that he stole prove to be a bait. Again the metaphor of the rattrap comes alive. The ironmaster invites the peddler to his manor house. He refuses to go there. Going there will mean like going voluntarily into the lion’s den. The peddler describes human predicament to the ironmaster. The peddler would have been trapped in had he not raised himself above petty temptations.

How does the peddler interpret the acts of kindness and hospitality shown by the crofter, the ironmaster and his daughter?

Answer: The peddler goes around selling small rattraps. He resorts to both begging and small thefts to Keep his body and soul together. He interpretes the acts of kindness and hospitality shown by different people differently. But Miss Edla’s kindness and sympathy arouse basic human quay in him.

The old crofter gives him a pleasant surprise. He is happy to find a man who he can talk to in his loneliness. He offers him supper. They play ‘mjolis’. But the peddler violates the confidence that the host reposes in him. He runs away with his money. Similarly, the peddler doesn’t seem to be much impressed by the kindness and hospitality shown by the ironmaster. He considers going to the manor house just like entering a lion’s den. He doesn’t want to be octa trapped in.

Finally, the ironmaster’s daughter awakes the essential goodness in the peddler. He doesn’t want to put her to shame. He leaves thirty kronors to be given back to the old crofter. He writes a letter expressing his gratitude to her. He also leaves a Christmas present for her.

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