NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English On the face of it

NCERT Solutions:- The Vistas book of Class 12th Students has been developed for English Course. We are going to Provi de you all important Questions and Answers with pdf of Chapter 6 On the face of it On the face of it Written by Susan Hill.

Book:Vistas English
Chapter:On the face of it
Writter:Susan Hill
On the face of it Question And Answer chapter 6 vistas supplements book class 12

On the face of it Question and Answer

Which quality of Mr. Lamb attracted Derry towards him?

Answer : The following qualities of Mr. Lamb attracted Derry towards him . First , he inspires Derry to face the world . Second , he advises Derry to stop crying on what people say about his face . Third , he is always cheerful and tries to comfort . others .

What example does Mr. Lamb give to avoid inferiority complex in Derry’s mind ? Or What examples does Mr Lamb give to make Derry feel that he is just as important as are all others ?

Answer : Mr. Lamb gives the example of ‘a flower’ and ‘a weed’. He tells that a weed is also a green growing plant as is a flower. So, there is no difference between a weed and a flower. A weed is also as important as a flower.

There is nothing God made that doesn’t interest me . How do the words reflect Mr. Lamb’s philosophy of life ?

Answer : He has a positive attitude towards life . Both the nature as well as human life attract him the same way . His interest in the thinks keeps him busy and away from negative feelings .

What is Mr. Lamb’s reaction to see Derry in his garden ?

Answer : Mr. Lamb asks him if he wants to have apples . He tells him that did not need to come there byclimbing over the wall . He makes him feel relaxed . He behaves in a friendly manner.

What is the state of Derry’s mind due to his burnt face ?

Answer : Derry suffers from inferiority complex due to his burnt face . He thinks people are afraid of him . He thinks that nobody likes his company or loves him . Therefore he avoids company and tries to live alone .

How did Derry get his face burnt ?

Answer : The face of Derry did not get burnt with fire . Once Derry himself unknowingly got acid all down on the side of his face and the acid burnt it all away .

Who is Mr. Lamb ? How does Derry get into his garden ?

Answer : Mr. Lamb is an old man . He lives in a big house alone . Derry enters his garden by climbing over the wall . Derry likes the place and thinks that there is nobody inside it . He wants to sit there .

Do you think all this will change Derry’s attitude towards Mr Lamb ?

Answer : Derry avoids people as one side of his face is burnt with acid . Mr Lamb tells Derry that avoiding people and living alone is no solution . Mr Lamb changes Derry’s approach to life . Derry is capable of doing things like other people . Thus Mr Lamb effects a change Derry’s attitude.

On the face of it (Long Answers Type Questions)

What change did Mr Lamb bring in Derry’s attitude towards life ?

Answer : Mr. Lamb brought significant change in Derry’s attitude towards life . Derry who was very withdrawn and defiant has now been very amiable and obedient . Derry who suffered from inferiority complex has now been a boy with Q. unlinching confidence . Derry who was afraid of looking at things now not only looks at them but also listens to them . Derry who was unready to help others is now ready to help Mr. Lamb with crab apples . Derry who previously preferred the four walls of home is now interested in the garden and type of life of Mr. Lamb . Derry who presumed physical disability an end to life has An now started to be more determined for and positive to life .

Draw a character – sketch of Mr. Lamb .

Answer : Mr. Lamb was a kind – hearted man . His one leg was of tin . But he led just as normal life as all others did . He did not have any inferiority complex . He loved meeting people . His life became a motivation for Derry and he overcame his inferiority complex . Now , he got rid of the feeling that people did not like him . He started to love his life . He came out of his seclusion . The street kids call Mr. Lamb Atartificial ‘ Lamey – Lamb ‘ because he has an leg of tin . One of his real legs had been blown off in a bomb explosion . He has become used to it . On the whole he was an angel among the human beings . When Derry reached there , he found Mr. Lamb dead . Derry was very much shocked because he could not help him .

The actual pain or inconvenience caused by a physical impairment is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the person with disabilities . What is the kind of behaviour that the person expects from others ? :

Introduction: The actual pain or inconvenience caused by á physical impairment is often much less than the sense of alienation felt by the person with disabilities .

Behaviour : The person with disabilities expects normal behaviour from others . The parents should educate and train him suitably according to their resources . They should seek help from the government if there is some provision . They should also contact NGOs in this work .

He should be brought in the main stream of life of the family and society . He expects a reasonable behaviour from others , full of appreciation of his difficulties . Such a person does not want tears , sympathy or pity from others . He dislikes being pointed at , nicknamed , mocked at made a fun of He should not be hated . This feeling will make him disheartened .

Conclusion : He should not be alienated . He should enjoy company at home and outside .

Will Derry get back to his old seclusion or will Mr Lamb’s brief association effect a change in the kind of life he will lead in the future?

Answer : No. Derry will not get back to his old seclusion . Mr Lamb’s brief association will effect a change in the kind of life he will lead in the future . The following points support this view :

( i ) Derry tells his mother that he wanted to be there in the garden of Mr Lamb . He will sit there and listen to things . He will listen to Bees ‘ singing and him talking . He said things he wants to think about .

( ii ) Derry says to his mother , ” It’s got nothing to do with my face and what I look like . 1 don’t Care about that and it isn’t important . It’s what I think and feel and what I want to see and find out and hear . And I’m going back there . ”

( iii ) Derry does not want to stay at his home . He has got clear perception of things . If he does not go back there he will never go anywhere in that world again .

( iv ) To be brief , Derry’s coming back to Mr Lamb is indicative of the change in the kind of life he is likely to lead in future .

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