NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas Poetry My Mother at Sixty Six

NCERT Solutions:- The Vistas book of Class 12th Students has been developed for English Course. We are going to Provide you all important Questions and Answers with pdf of Chapter 1 My Mother at Sixty-Six Written by Kamala Das.

Book:Vistas English
Chapter:My Mother at Sixty-Six
Writter:Kamala Das

My Mother at Sixty-Six Question and Answer

Driving from my parent’s home to Cochin last Friday morning . I sow my mother , beside me . doze , open mouthed , her face ashen like that of a corpse and realised with pain that she was as old as she looked …..

1. Where was the poetess driving to ?
2. Which figure of speech is used in the line , her face ashen like that of a corpse?
3. What pain did the poetess experience ?

1. The poetess was driving to the Cochin airport .

2. The figure of speech simile ‘ is used in the green line as the poetess sees her mother dozing off with her mouth open , almost like a corpse She felt it painful to witness her ageing mother .
3. She felt it painful witness her ageing mother

and looked out at Young Trees sprinting , the merry children spilling out of their homes , but after the airport’s security check , standing a few yards away . I looked again at her , wan , pale as a late winter’s moon and felt that old familiar ache .

1. Why did the poetess look at her mother again ?
2. What did she observe ?
3. Which figure of speech is used in the line looked out at Young Trees Sprinting ?


1. The poetess looked at her mother again because of her feeling of anxiety and insecurity ,

2. She observed her mother’s pale unhealthy appearance .

3. The figure of speech personification is used in the given line .

My Mother at Sixty-Six (Long Answers Type Questions)

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