NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Flamingo English Lost Spring

NCERT Solutions:- The Flamingo book of Class 12th Students has been developed for English Course. We are going to Provide you all important Questions and Answers with pdf of Chapter 2 Lost Spring Written by Anees Jung.

Book:Flamingo English
Chapter:Lost Spring
Writter:Anees Jung

Lost Spring Question and Answer

Why does the author say , Garbage to them is gold?

Answer: Garbage is the only means of survival for them . They search for something valuable in the garbage and sell for a little money . They pitch their tents wherever they can find rags . So the author rightly says that garbage is no less than gold to the rag – pickers .

Question: (2)
What is Saheb looking for in the garbage dumps ? Where is he and where has he come from

Answer: Saheb is a ragpicker . He is looking for gold in the garbage dumps , Presently he is in Delhi , He has come from Bangladesh .

What explanations does the author offer for the children not wearing footwear ?

Answer . The lack of money is valid explanation . Children like Saheb can’t afford shoes . When saheb gets a pair of shoes he wears. One explanation is that it has become a tradintion for them to stay before. But the writer doubts it.

Saheb happy working at the tea – stall ? Explain

Answer: Saheb does not seem to be happy working at the tea – stall . Now he feels bound and burdened . Saheb is no longer his own master .

What makes the city of Firozabad famous

Answer: Firozabad is famous for glass blowing industry . Every other family here is engaged in making bangles . It is famous for its bangles

Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry

Answer: Workers work in dingy cells without air and light . They lose the brightness of their eyes . The powder from the polishing of bangles also blinds them.

Lost Spring (Long Answers Type Questions)

Describe the life of ragpickers in Seemapuri

Answer: ns . Seemapuri is a settlement of more than 10,000 ragpickers , it is a place on the periphery of Ans . Delhi . Those who live here are squatters who came from Bangladesh in 1971. Ragpickers live in structures of mud . They have roofs of tin and tarpaulin . There is no sewage , drainage or running water . They live here without an identity and without permits . Food is more important for them than their identity . Children grow up to become partners in survival . An army of barefoot children appear in the morning with their plastic bags on their shoulders . Garbage has a different meaning for children . For them it is wrapped in ‘ wonder ‘ . They may find a rupee , even a ten rupee note or a silver coin . There is always hope of finding more . ro nos SE

Who is Mukesh ? To which family does he belong ? Describe the miserable conditions of them and the reason .

Answer: Mukesh belongs to the bangle – makers of Firozabad where each family is engaged in Ans bangle – making . The bangle makers of Firozabad are exposed to multiple health hazards while working . Many of them are children who work near hot furnaces during daylight , often losing their eyesight before adulthood . Years of mind – numbing toil have killed all initiative and the ability to even think of taking up another profession . They are not able to organize themselves into a cooperative due to bullying and exploitation by the politicians , authorities , moneylenders and middlemen . They live in stinking lanes choked with garbage , having homes with crumbling walls , wobbly doors , no windows , overcrowded with families of humans and animals coexisting in a primeval state . They have not even enjoyed even one full meal in their entire lifetime because of their poverty

What could be some of the me migration of people from villages

Answer : More and more people are migrating to It has become a general trend . People migrar from villages to cities . The reasons migration are many . First of all , pressure on land is increasing . Land can’t provide b opportunities for all . Over – population and lack of job opportunities have made the people tur to cities . The second reason of migration is the mechanization of farming . Hence , the lendless labourers don’t get work at the farms . They are compelled to move to cities for working in industries . The third reason is the destruction of traditional arts and crafts in the villages . Artisans don’t have any market for their goods and crafts in the villages . They need bugger markets for their products .

What forces conspire to keep the workers in the bangle industry of Firozabad in poverty ?

Answer: There are certain vested interests and femmes that conspire to keep the workers in the bangle industry of Firozabad in poverty . Anees Jung rightly analyses that there are two distinct worlds operating in Firozabad . The first world consists of families engaged in the business of making bangles . They are exploited and are caught in a web of poverty . The other world consists of ” sabukars or moneylenders , the middlemen and policemen . Together under their eyes 20,000 children work illegally in glass furnaces with high temperatures . Even the young fall into the vicious circle of middlemen . These agent trapped their fathers and forefathers as well . I the young get themselves organised they a ‘ hauled up by the police . mind – numbing toil ‘ has killed all initiative i them . They can’t think of organist themselves into a cooperative . Powerful peop keep the workers in bangle industry helpless and poor

Why should child labour be eliminated and how

Answer: Child labour should be eliminated because the children employed at tender age as domestic servants , dish – washers at road – side dhabas and in hazardous industries making glass bangles , biris , crackers etc. lose the charm of the spring of their life . Their childhood is stolen . Burdened by the responsibility of work , they become adults too undernourished , ill – fed , uneducated , and poor . soon . Most They have a stunted growth . of them are Child labour can be eliminated only through concerted efforts on the part of government agencies , NGOS Organisations ) , co – operative societies and ( Non – Government political leaders . Mere passing of law will not help . Laws should be enacted faithfully . The children thrown out of work should be rehabilitated and given proper food , clothes , education and pocket money . Their feelings , thoughts and emotions should be respected . Let them enjoy sunshine and fresh air .

Question: (12)
Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry .

Answer . The glass bangles industry has many health hazards . It usually employs small children . It is illegal to employ very young children in hazardous industries , but certain forces like and middlemen , politicians combine to entrap the poor workers . moneylenders , police Let us first consider the places where bangle makers work . It is a cottage industry . They work in the glass furnaces with high temperatures .

The dingy cells are without air and light . Boys and girls work hard during day next to lines of flames of flickering oil lamps . They weld pieces of coloured glass into circles of bangles . Their eyes are more adjusted to the dark than to the light outside . That is why , they often end up losing their eyesight before they become adults . Glass blowing , welding and soldering pieces of glass are all health hazards . Even the dust from polishing the glass of bangles adversely affects the eyes and even adults go blind . Thus , the surroundings , prevailing conditions and the type of job involved – all prove risky to the health of the workers .

How , in your opinion , can Mukesh realise his dream

Answer : Mukesh is the son of a poor bangle – maker of Firozabad . Most of the young men of Firozabad have no initiative or ability to dream , but Mukesh is an exception . He has the capacity to take courage and break from the traditional family occupation . He has strong will power also . He does not want to be a pawn in the hands of the middlemen or moneylenders . He insists on being his own master by becoming a motor mechanic . He can realise his dream by joining a garage and learn the job of repairing cars and driving them . He will have to overcome many hurdles before he succeeds . Then comes transport problem . Money is the first one . He will have to earn some money himself . The garage is a long way from his home . He will have to cover it twice everyday anyhow – by walking on foot . Patience , hardwork , firm determination to learn will help him realise his will and the dream.

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