NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Vistas English Journey to the end of the Earth

NCERT Solutions:- The Vistas book of Class 12th Students has been developed for English Course. We are going to Provide you all important Questions and Answers with pdf of Chapter 3 Journey to the end of the Earth Written by Tishani Doshi.

Book:Vistas English
Chapter:Journey to the end of the Earth
Writter:Tishani Doshi
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Journey to the end of the Earth Question and Answer

How did the author travel to Antarctica ?

Answer : The author travelled to Antarctica on a Russian research vessel’ Akademik Shokalskiy ‘. He travelled over 100 hours in combination of a car, aeroplane and a ship .

What surprised the author most about Antarctica?

Answer : The author got the knowledge that India and Antarctica were once part of the same landmass . This fact surprised him most about Antarctica as at present the climate of these places is altogether different .

Why is the average increasing ? average global temperatur increasing?

Answer: The average global temperature is increasing because of depletion in the ozone layer which effects the activities of phytoplankton which in turn affects the global carbon cycle.

The humans have established dominance ove nature, how?

Answer : Humans have inhabited villages , towns , cities and mega – cities in the process of doing so , they have destroyed forests , mountains and other natural places . They are using natural resources at their will . Thus they have established dominance over nature .

What was the purpose of the visit to Antarctica?

Answer : Antarctica is the coldest , driest and windiest continent in the world . It was to realise how real was the threat of global warming and depletion of the ozone layer .

What is increasing temperature?

Answer : Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere . The unmitigated burning of fossil fuels has now created a blanket of carbon dioxide around the world , which is slowly the average increasing the average global temperature.

How do geological phenomena help us to know about the history of humankind?

Answer : There was much warmer in the past . It had variety of flora and fauna . There was no existence of human beings at that time . Fossils buried in the earth give knowledge of huge animals in existence in the past . It was the stage when dinosaurs were wiped out and the age of mammals started .

What are the indications for the future of humankind ?

Answer : Glaciers are melting and ice – caps are falling . There is a danger of global warming . If that happens , mankind will be wiped out from the global scenario .

Journey to the end of the Earth (Long Answers Type Questions)

Describe the author’s journey to Antarctica .

Answer : She boards on a research vessel ‘ Akademik Shokalskiy ‘ . The journey begins 13.09 degree north the Equator in Madras . Nine time zones , six check points , three bodies of water and at least three ecospheres are crossed . The vessel heads towards the coldest , driest and windiest continent in the world . The first emotion on facing Antarctica’s expansive white landscape and uninterrupted blue horizon is of relief . It follows up with an immediate and profound wonder .

In what way have the humans affected global phenomenon?

Answer : Natural resources are limited and human population is growing rapidly . This has left us battling with other species . Thoughtless burning of fossil fuels has created a blanket of carbon dioxide around the world . Ozone layer is depleting . It is increasing average global temperature . Global warming is posing a great danger to the future of the earth . Thus humans have brought the world at the edge of destruction .

The world’s geological history is trapped in Antarctica ‘ . How is the study of this region useful to us ?

Answer . A giant southern super continent , Gondwana existed roughly around the present – day Antarctica . Humans had not reached there . The climate was warmer . There was a vast variety of plants and animals . For 500 million years Gondwana thrived . Then the dinosaurs were wiped out . The age of mammals began . The landmass was forced to separate into countries . Antarctica and India were the part of the same landmass . India pushed northwards , jamming against Asia and formed the Himalayas . South America drifted off and joined North America . The Drake passage opened . It kept Antarctica very cold and left it desolate , and at the bottom of the land . The visual scale ranged from the microscopic to the mighty . There was 24 – hour summer light . There was complete silence . It was broken occasionally by avalanche or calving ice sheet office sheet . It was a sacred place . Hence the study of this region is useful to us .

What are Geoff Green’s reasons for including high school students in the Students on Ice expedition ?

Answer : Following are the reasons for including high school students in the Students on Ice expedition by Geoff Green

I.Students on Ice expedition ‘ aims at providing the high school students opportunities that are inspiring in the field of education.

II. These opportunities will help the students foster a new understanding and respect for our planet , Earth .

III. Geoff Green first used to cart famous persons in this compaign but they could give their experience back in a limited way . Hence he preferred high school students instead of those persons .

IV. The students are the future generation . They are policy – makers . They should have a life – changing experience at their age .

V. The high school students are ready to absorb the experience . They will born from this experience .

6. The most important thing is that the students will act accordingly . The expedition was very successful .

Why is Antarctica the place to go to , to understand the earth’s present , past and future ?

Answer : Antarctica is the only place on earth that has remains almost as pure as it used to be millions of years ago . The world’s geological history is trapped in Antarctica . About 90 per cent of the earth’s total ice is stored here . There are no trees , buildings or other human markers . There we can observe how a little change can effect the environment . If the West Antarctica ice sheet melts entirely and the Gulf Stream ocean current is disrupted , they may lead to the end of the world . Besides , half million – year – old carbon records lie trapped in its layers of ice . So , if we want to study the earth’s past , present and future , Antarctica is the right place to go .

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