NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Flamingo English Deep Water

NCERT Solutions:- The Flamingo book of Class 12th Students has been developed for English Course. We are going to Provide you all important Questions and Answers with pdf of Chapter 3 Deep Water Written by William Dauglas.

Book:Flamingo English
Chapter:Deep Water
Writter:William Dauglas
Chapter 3 Deep Water Chapter Question answers ncert solutions

Deep Water Question and Answer

When did the writer join the Y.M.C.A. pool and why ?
He was ten or eleven years old when he joined the Y.M.C.A. pool . It offered an opportunity to learn to swim.

What is the ” misadventure ” that William Douglas speaks about ?

Answer: Douglas goes to the swimming pool when no one else is there . He sits there waiting for someone to come . A stoutly built boy comes there and throws him into deep water . This is the misadventure he speaks about in which he narrowly escapes death .

What were the series of emotions and fears that Douglas experienced when he was thrown into the pool ? What plans did he make to come to the surfac ?

Answer: When Douglas was thrown into the pool , he landed in a sitting position . He swallowed water , and went at once to the bottom . He was frightened but he was not out of his wits . On the way down Douglas planned that when his feet hit the bottom , he would make a big jump , come to the surface , lie flat on water and paddle to the edge of the pool.

Why was Douglas determined to get over his fear paddle to the edge of the pool . of water

Answer: The fear of water stayed with him for years . Wherever he went , the haunting fear of water followed him . It ruined his fishing trips and deprived him of the joy of canoeing , boating and swimming . So , he decided to get over his fear of water .

Question: (5)
How did Douglas make sure that he the old terror ? conquered cit ?

Answer: The author had learnt how to swim . But he was not sure that all his fear had left . He decided to overcome his fear of water . So he went to Lake Wentworth in new Hampshire , dived off a dock at Triggs Island . He swam two miles across the lake to Stamp Act Island . He swam the various types as crawl , breast stroke , side stroke and back stroke . When he was in the middle of the lake and put his face under water and saw nothing but bottomless water , he got a little frightened . Next day he stripped , dived into the lake and swam across to the other shore and back just as Doug Corpron used to do . Thus he conquered his old terror.

Deep Water (Long Answers Type Questions)

Describe the incident at Y.M.C.A. pool?

The incident which nearly killed Douglas occurred when he was ten or eleven years old . To get rid of his fear of water , he decided to learn swimming at the YMCA pool . One morning . when he was alone at the pool , waiting for others , a big bully of a boy tossed him into the deep end of the pool . Though he had planned a strategy to save himself , his plan failed . He went down to the bottom and became panicky . Thrice he struggled hard to come to the surface , but failed each time . He was almost drowned in the pool . He lost his consciousness and felt that he would die . Though he was ultimately saved this misadventure developed in him a strong aversion to water.

“Our determination helps us to achieve success ” . Explain.

To get rid of his fear of water , Douglas was determined . For this , he engaged an instructor who would perfect him in swimming . The instructor first helped him overcome his fear , and then gave him many exercises besides teaching him to exhale and inhale in water . The practice went on for months together , during which his fear came back to haunt him , but his desire was firm and he made persistent efforts . It was only through sheer determination and meticulousness that Douglas could not only flout his terror , but also become an expert swimmer . He swam across and back lakes to ensure that his fear of water did not return . He had now completely lost his fear . His desire , determination and diligence succeeded in banishing his fear of water .

How did this experience affect him ?

Douglas had fear of water because of a misadventure at the YMCA pool . He was learning swimming in his boyhood there . One day he was sitting on the edge of the pool . A strong man came there . He toosed Douglas into the deep water . Now the boy Douglas was in a great panic . He tried hard to save himself but at last surrendered to the approaching death . Anyway , he was saved. Douglas overcome the fear of water by firm resolve and hiring services of a Swimming Instructor . The instructor ensured Douglas ‘ safety from drowning . He put a belt around Douglas during practice . Douglas learnt to exhale underwater and inhale above water . Douglas then went to Lake Wentworth and Worm Lake to overcome his residual fear .

How did the instructor ” build a swimmer ” out of Douglas ?

Douglas wanted to learn how to swim . So he took an instructor to teach him swimming . The instructor put a belt round Douglas . A rope was attached to the belt and went through a pully that ran on an overhead cable . The instructor held on the end of the rope . This way he ensured that Douglas would not drown . They hree months the went back at forth . Within terror of water started to become less and less . Then he taught Douglas to exhale in water . He also held him on the edge of the pool while Douglas kicked with his legs . This way he repeated each exercise hundreds of times and became a perfect swimmer . Thus the instructor built a swimmer out of Douglas .

How did Douglas overcome his fear of water ?

Answer: The fear that developed in the pool stayed with Douglas for years . The fear of water ruined his fishing trips , boating and swimming . It firmly held him in his grip . Finally , he decided to get an instructor and learn to swim . He practised five days a week , an hour each day . The instructor put a belt around him . A rope was attached to the belt . The rope went through a pulley that ran on an overhead cable . Douglas held one end of the rope , and went back and forth across the pool . After three months tension began to slack . The instructor was able to build a swimmer out of Douglas . Douglas was still not very sure . Some signs of old fear would return when he was alone in the pool . One day he went to Lake Wentworth and dived off a dock at Triggs Island . He swam two miles across the lake . Finally , he was able to conquer his fear of water .

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